Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We, Yamabishi fisheries Co.,Ltd.(「The company」)believe the protection of your personal information is one of our most important corporate social responsibilities. We establish a policy of personal information, promise to diligently protect the personal information.

Personal information usage Personal information obtained by the company, business information coordinated by the company will be used for the purpose of responding to your inquiries.

Personal information disclosed to third parties The company will appropriately manage the personal information, the company will not provide personal information to a third party except when it has obtained the individuals’ consent or when required based on the law.

Personal information safety measures The company will take necessary and appropriate measures for ensuring the security and accuracy of personal information. Personal information obtained will be amended, or eliminated upon the wish, when corresponding to and confirmed by the individual.

Personal information control The company to prevent personal information from disclosure, destruction, damage etc, we ensure adequate safety, and maintain accurate latest personal information obtained, appropriately manages obtained personal information.

Compliance and review The company complies with the laws of Japan concerning possession of personal information and other standard rules, and will continuously review and seek to improve contents of the policy.

Contact us Inquiries concerning personal information, please contact us.

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