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The production factory among the various departments of Yamabishi is directly responsible for maintaining the quality. Enthusiastic passionate employees work with custom designed equipment which we installed before any other company in this industry. They are extremely aware of the importance for sanitary conditions and work with high attentiveness towards making products. Security, safety and superb taste are our pride. A great variety of products made with Yamabishi quality originated here.

Workers skill and technique, yields higher rate

  • Workers skill and technique, yields higher rate
  • At the primary process of manufacturing the selected tuna is dissected. At first the big tuna is cut into 4 by a cutting machine. It is cut vertically from the head to the tail at the center of the backbone to gain the best edible portions. The tuna backbone is not penetrated directly. This is an unusually difficult operation, but a skilled worker can see through the backbone condition instantly, and cut it into two excellently. This will give a 2% higher yield rate. After that, the skin and bones are scraped off, the remaining chunk is sliced into blocks and steak shapes. From there it is sent to a secondary process for manufacturing.

Team work and perfect equipment

  • Team work and perfect equipment
  • Raw materials made at the primary process are placed on a shower conveyor and next to a second manufacturing line. Simultaneously the Tuna is cleaned and disinfected. It’s defrosted to make it easier to manufacture. The factory workers promptly remove by hand the small bones, tendon and blood line. Afterwards, the Tuna is manufactured according to consuming styles. Tartar, slices for Donburi, Nakaochi, and sticks for Maki by each and every machine. The Tuna is measured, packed and examined for remains by X ray and by a metal detector, then stored in a very low temperature freezer temporarily. At the Yamabishi factory state of the art equipment is used to make products safely and efficiently. The other important factor is team work. In order to make good products the workers put an emphasis on communication so they can jointly solve problems.

Spending time and effort on making

  • Spending time and effort on making
  • In order to make delicious products, human labor is crucial. At Yamabishi Fisheries our thorough observation follows each and every step of the process with our own eyes. Big soft tendon whose reflection is difficult to detect by x ray is removed gently by hand. Replenishing the manufactured goods is mainly automated. Chilled products shipped daily are manufactured by hand to achieve best results, which some customers prefer. Experienced factory workers can place the exact number of grams one at a time by hand on a tray gently. This operation which is very rapid is due to the skilled technique of the workers which is utilized.

Depending on experienced skilled workers

  • Depending on experienced skilled workers
  • Yamabishi factory is regulated by very low temperatures. It is difficult because it’s cold and the raw materials are cold. But we feel rewarded that the product we produce, keeps the people who eat it happy. We are housewives and when making products, we feel as if we are in our own kitchen preparing for our own family. When shopping at our local supermarket we check our company’s products because we love our products. Yamabishi Fisheries’ tuna is very fresh, so its color and luster are different. When looking at the raw materials, we sometimes say “it’s beautiful!” We would like many people to eat Yamabishi products which we make.

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