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Impression of “taste” is based on safety. We already have “FDA/HACCP” for exporting Itsumo branded products to USA, in 2016 we got “EU/HACCP” for exporting to EU. Yamabishi fisheries focuses on the control of production process especially inspection and analysis of raw materials and products. We analyze the main cause of harm which may occur in food products from various angles, for example temperature, time and foreign substance. *The explanation of HACCP

Careful examination before entering the factory

  • Careful examination before entering the factory
  • In order to maintain proper sanitation inside the factory, we never let outside filth in. In front of the entrance, there is an air shower room to remove hair and thread waste. Furthermore in the sanitary room, while looking in a mirror, we remove any remaining hair and thread waste by roller style sticky tape. Without exception handwashing measured by a timer is also installed and enforced. Lastly we disinfect our hands gently by alcohol, finally we have completed the cleansing process and are ready to enter the room. Cleaning method of the factory equipment and tool cleaning is thoroughly instructed. Improvement of health awareness is the first step of food safety.

Avoiding injury by the latest equipment

  • Avoiding injury by the latest equipment Air filtering system The clean air which is cleaned by the filter gets into the factory by a duct.
  • Yamabishi fisheries developed a system which controls temperature, time and foreign remains thoroughly. For example 9 “micro cold rooms” are equipped in the factory as temporary storage. When the raw materials become a product, there is a small amount of time in between the process. During that time we control the goods securely in low temperature. “Tunnel freezer” is a rapidly freezing system. In Yamabishi fisheries our system can freeze products quickly because the tunnel freezer is connected to the automated line. Tuna goes through the temperature zone which drops to -30℃ so that the quality and freshness is kept. We use an air filtering system which is used at pharmaceutical factories. This system removes pollen and invisible dust from outside air by using a big filter. This system helps ensure clean air in the factory.

Safety and security commander

  • Safety and security commander
  • Various quality controls are necessary. In Yamabishi fisheries the management of the production process from the acceptance of raw materials till the goods are completed is especially important. We remove any damage from bacteria or contamination beforehand. It’s necessary to increase the process without human hands involved. Latest machinery and systems have been installed in the factory. On the other hand in reality health management success is the people’s power. If a problem occurs, we do whatever necessary to cope with it immediately. The person in charge, takes record of the manufacturing of details. 100% contamination proof, by x ray only is impossible. Workers eye sight is very important as well. We feel it’s essential to have quality control in place and that way the system will ensure that both machinery and peoples’ level will improve and excel.

Inspection and analysis of raw materials and products

  • Inspection and analysis of raw materials and products
  • Following the standard of fresh and frozen marine products, we inspect raw materials and finished products. We check the product for various live bacteria, colon bacillus, coliforms, and other bacteria which may cause food poisoning and check mercury level. There are other various checking points, like tracing the packing materials. We know when the products packing materials were manufactured, when they were received, and when they were used. Yamabishi fisheries production system is highly rated by a top level world inspection agency named “SGS” whose head office is in Geneva Switzerland. That’s why we are able to do business with overseas retailers that require high level hygiene and sanitary demands.

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