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Completed products are kept in super cold storage temporarily, before shipping an order. Managing inventory accurately is important since there are various products which depend on customers and seasons. A new system records actual time of inventory entering and leaving storage for shipping. We use our own trucks, to deliver the products to the customer for best conditions.

Super cold storage to maintain freshness

  • Super cold storage to maintain freshness
  • Bought raw materials and products are stored in -60℃ super cold storage temporarily before shipping. Yamabishi fisheries storage has installed a system called “Paskal Air” which does not use Freon gas for freezing air. This system uses air for cooling the air, and therefore is not a burden on the environment, a maximum of 60 % energy is conserved which reduces a large amount of CO2 emission compared to conventional systems. It’s not necessary to add a strong wind cooling fan and frosting, this system can stabilize the temperature to protect the goods from drying up. Raw materials and products are stored in high quality conditions. *Details regarding Paskal air see here

Warming up the place with a smile

  • Warming up the place with a smile
  • The division I belong to engages in the management of storage and shipping of products and raw materials from the storehouse. My main job is preparing the raw materials following the production planning, and shipping the products to the customers. Time is crucial during the busy term because many large shipments go out at the same time. I prudently consider work precedence and pay close attention so as not to lose time. The products made earnestly by the factory workers are the important assets of our company. Another important asset of ours is – 60 ℃ refrigeration and cold air. Of course we try to open and close the refrigerator door efficiently when appropriating raw materials and goods to avoid reducing the freezers temperature. Regardless of the severe cold conditions to the hands and feet of the workers everybody works with great enthusiasm and passion.

Ground breaking inventory control system

  • Ground breaking inventory control system
  • We use our own inventory control system which a local IT firm developed jointly with us to record the products entering and leaving the storage at real time. We installed an IC tag which has large amounts of information such as production date, factory, raw materials and their origin, and the goods on the racks. Every time the racks are removed from refrigeration by a fork lift, the information is automatically rewritten. This makes it easy to ship and reduces time from order acceptance until delivery.

Yamabishi marked trucks on the go today

  • Yamabishi marked trucks on the go today
  • The trucks with the special Yamabishi mark transfer the products to the consumption areas. Yamabishi drivers deliver the products in a timely and responsible manner with the appropriate temperature. When transportation halted during The Great East Japan Earthquake our company trucks continued to deliver products.

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