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Yamabishi Fisheries doesn’t have a sales department. Salesmen are attached to the merchandise section. It’s not only the selling of the products, rather it’s an ambition to become “experts of products” with deep understanding of the goods and the process from the time of buying the raw materials to production planning, development, production storage all the way through to logistics. To attain deliciousness and the customers’ smile the whole staff does its’ utmost, from the gathering of daily information about the worlds aquamarine circumstances, to business world trends all the way to food fashions

Making products pliable to respond to needs

  • Making products pliable to respond to needs
  • The special feature of Yamabishi Fisheries is a strong network with primary producers where one company from the buying stage to manufacturing, to storage, till distribution, has a complete and total system. So we have the possibility to make products which comply with customers’ needs. In addition we put an emphasis on taking the opportunity to listen directly to our customers who eat our products. For example, learning opportunity for members of a co-op. Explaining the background of product making and the raw materials. Listening to opinions and impressions of the participants tasting our products. When there is an in-store food sampling in the customers store, we do a survey about Tuna and seafood. Valuable information from such communications is used for improving products and making new products.

Test kitchen for new products

  • Test kitchen for new products
  • Visiting the customer to discuss business, finding a way to market the new goods, conducting market research and so on, this is the sales person’s battle field which takes place outside the company. Yamabishi Fisheries sales people have an additional field which is the pro method cooking equipment, large scale refrigerators and fully equipped test kitchens. Samples of raw materials are gathered here supplies from the world’s oceans. While imagining scenes of diverse foods, sales people jointly rack their brains with the developing staff looking for possibilities for new products for the customers’ table.

Aiming to become a tuna specialist!

  • Aiming to become a tuna specialist!
  • Tuna is special fish dominating supermarket sales and the quality of fish counter. Usually supermarkets have special buyers who are well informed about Tuna, when I go to meet them, I feel like I am being examined by them, “ that guy can be trusted”. Every day I study to become a “Tuna enthusiast” in order to give them useful information and earn their trust. Especially pertaining to natural tuna, it is often difficult to get the same raw materials. Awareness of the raw materials’ conditions, forecasting stable supplies, looking for a precise chance, is essential when conducting business. Otherwise great efforts would be wasted. Regardless of the continuous tension, all sales workers including me love cooking and eating. I feel glad that I don’t only sell products but also develop new ones. When going on a business trip, I always check restaurant trends. Why are those restaurants popular, why is that one delicious, I research in my own style, then I use the outcome of my findings to develop products. Sharing “tastes” with my department’s colleagues, exchanging opinions, and the birth of good products is the greatest thing about my job.

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